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Helpful Info and House Rules

Getting Into the Lab

Use the code we have sent via email or text for the Lockbox which is located on the right hand side of the building. 

When leaving the key back in the lockbox please double check that the lockbox is locked and cannot be opened without a code. 

Pull the main door towards you when turning the key. The main door is a bit stiff.


Please close & Lock the main door when inside.

Main lights are behind the door. Please switch off all lights, heaters and plugs when leaving


House Rules

No Smoking
No Drinking
No messing
Do not take equipment from the lab
please switch all lights, heaters & Plugs off before you leave.
Please leave the place clean and tidy, also move the amps / furniture back to original spaces.
Please only use the parking spaces marked 'Unit 6' outside

If you need anything please give Adam or Justin a call on the numbers below:

Adam - 0852434102
Justin - 0858187071

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